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Thursday January 25th 2024 from  2-2:30pm EST.

Every business needs an exit strategy. If you are the owner of a business 
with $3 to $20 million in sales, then this webinar is for you!

Succession Planning. 
What every small business owner needs to know. 

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Next FREE Webinar takes place on
Thursday January 25th from 2-2:30pm EST.

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The Value of Vision

 "Unlock the Power of Vision through Effective Succession Planning. Join our webinar to explore how a well-crafted succession plan serves as a catalyst for your entrepreneurial journey. Learn how this comprehensive strategy not only provides clear direction and purpose but also fosters a unified vision, propelling your business towards a successful and sustainable future."

The Purpose of Planning

"Crafting Your Succession Roadmap: A Crucial Plan for Business Continuity. Join our webinar to delve into the essence of succession planning, a cornerstone for enduring business success at any stage of your business journey. Discover the vital role of a comprehensive plan that extends beyond objectives, creating a seamless roadmap for a successful business transition. Gain valuable insights into translating long-term goals into practical steps, fostering sustained growth through effective succession planning."

The Benefits of Harnessing Help 

"Foster Collaboration for Succession Planning Excellence. Embrace the power of unity in our webinar, emphasizing the crucial role of collaboration, especially in the context of succession planning. Whether it's with your family, friends, team members, or external advisors, discover the transformative benefits of seeking support to navigate succession challenges, inspire innovation, and expedite your journey to sustained business success."

“We have known for some time that we needed to have a plan in place for the future of our business, but always put the task aside. Including the Next Chapter team has now helped us refocus our energy and enthusiasm to do so. Although we are just starting the process, we are certain we will have a clear path forward.”
-SP, Ontario Canada
"I have had the pleasure of working with the Next Chapter team on two separate occasions over the past 3 years. I have found them to be professional, personable, flexible, and experienced. They bring various competencies to the table, and I was very satisfied with the work they did for us."
-SK, Ontario Canada

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